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What is The Best Way to Overcome the Google Sandbox Effect?

The Google Sandbox Effect was coined by a few Internet marketers to describe a new rule that Google has put in place, with regards to ranking new websites. Google puts you in the sandbox if you have a new site. You stay in this sandbox, until Google decides your site has matured enough; then lets you come out and play with all of the others.It does not matter how great your new website is, or how optimized it is. In fact, your website might have all the makings to become topped rank in your niche, but this will not happen until Google lets you out of their sandbox.The general feeling is, new sites do not leave the sandbox for a few months. Some says, up to six months and possibly up to 8 months.Google has not come out with any officials statements about this imposed delay; they have placed on new sites. Google employee has all but came out and admitted to this practice, but stop short of official statements. SEO experts and long time Internet marketers have more than enough evidence to support the sandbox effect as being real. This is no Internet myth.At many of the Internet marketing forums that are available online, many marketer’s posts express this desperation of feeling lost and at a standstill. Not being able to overcome Google’s sandbox effect has crippled the way a lot of people do business, using Google as a means to generate traffic.Google’s reasons for aging a site, before giving it the same fair treatment as it’s more established sites, is a measure to stop the blackhat tactics from making their search engine irrelevant.With so many practices, such as creation of duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and bulk buying of links to reach top Google ranking; these blackhat practices tend to compromise Google’s integrity as a search engine, which people can depend on for their relevant searches.There are some methods that others have resorted to, in order to minimize the sandbox effect.One sure fire method for bypassing the sandbox entirely, is to pay Google for the service. Use AdWords, their PPC, pay per click advertising program. As a new site owner, you can get instant exposure on Google by using their AdWord program. Using their PPC program will also gain your site exposure on other search engines.As mentioned, you do have to pay for this PPC service, yet it does take care of sandbox effect. PPC is not an option to just jump head first into, unless you are familiar with AdWords. As with any program, there are strategies to consider when choosing your keywords. Play the AdWord game correctly and you could very well have a nice return on your PPC investment.Alright, so Google will not allow you to jump high in their search engine ranks for awhile. There are other search engines that people use on the Internet with regularity.It would be to your advantage to concentrate your efforts over at Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves and many other directories you can take advantage of. Just because Google is the most popular of the engines, does not mean you have to close up shop. These other directories and search engines are invaluable to your new websites campaign, like never before. Both MSN and Yahoo are very fast at updating content and including fresh new sites in their directories.Another tried in true method is an old practice to gain traffic. Link exchange has never died and never will. Finding other relevant sites to your own, to swap links with, will always help your site get target traffic. Be on the lookout for more established sites to exchange links with. You might end up at the bottom of their referral link page, but if that site is getting heavy traffic, you will see some of it come your way.In conclusion, there are other methods some are using to get around the sandbox effect, which Google has imposed. They are tactics that fall into the blackhat arena and will not be covered here. There are other online resources that will tell you how they are used.The best campaign for a new website to gain exposure and traffic is a combination of link exchange methods and submission to several different search engine directories; even Google. By doing this you can help ensure that you Earn Money From Home with your internet business. If nothing else, you can wait until Google lets your site out of jail and work the other search engine directories, while waiting. Actually, the idea is not to wait, but start working your campaign now.